Keep Your Forklift Operators Trained and Certified

Although some may wonder why forklift safety training is so essential, it becomes quite clear when you start looking deeper into the injury and accident statistics for these industrial trucks. 

Certified Forklift Training

The OSHA statistics on injuries both fatal and non-fatal involving forklift operators allows one to see why forklift training is so critical.

It also becomes quite clear why OSHA has very strict standards for Forklifts and Forklift Operators. 

Another point to consider is that the fines imposed by OSHA for violations of those standards are several thousand dollars. Not keeping your forklift operators trained and certified can cost you in more ways than you realize.  

Here Are Some Sobering Facts Regarding Forklift Accidents & Injuries Provided by OSHA and Safety in Numbers

Numerous studies that have been conducted over the years have concluded that many forklift accidents can be prevented when the forklift operator has been trained. In fact the top three reasons cited for injuries and accidents are as follows:

  1.  Poorly trained driver
  2. Speeding
  3. Operating a forklift with an elevated load

Bottom line:  OSHA’s requirements to not only get all forklift operators trained but to evaluate and retrain as necessary every three years keep employees and companies safe.

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