Understand the basics on forklift operation, and the safety awareness you need when operating a Forklift with 1910.178 PIT Online General Awareness Training!


About This Course

At ROI Safety Services, we offer 100% online OSHA-compliant forklift certification and training with no hidden fees or extra purchases. Upon completion, participants receive an instant PDF certification you can print at home. Our courses are designed to certify individuals for forklift operation.

Students must have prior experience operating and driving a forklift in accordance with OSHA guidelines. Those without practical experience must obtain hands-on training through their employer, separate from the certification exam on our website.

Why is PIT Forklift Training important?

PIT forklift training plays a critical role in reducing the risk of accidents, injuries, and damage to equipment or property in workplaces where forklifts are used. It ensures that operators are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to operate these powerful machines safely and efficiently.

Simple-to-use Online Course!

Enjoy completing this safety course at your own pace using our simple-to-use LMS (Learning Management System)! The PIT Forklift Training course contains 2 videos that you can complete in one sitting, or resume later and our system will hold your place to resume at a later time if you need to step away from your computer! Even after completing the course, you can return anytime within 30 days, for a refresher at your convenience!

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Certificate of Completion

After completing this course, you will get a personalized Safety Course Certificate with your name, the course you completed, and the date & time of completion for your records. Print it, hang it up, or forward it to your boss or HR department for verification.  

Code 29 CFR 1910.178 of the OSHA federal standards

Code 29 CFR 1910.178 of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) lays out the rules for safely operating forklifts and other powered industrial vehicles. That’s where ROI Safety Services comes in with our affordable and effective Forklift Operator Certification Programs. By passing our Forklift Operator Exam, you’ll earn the certification you need to meet federal standards, along with your employer’s requirements for hands-on training.

You can complete our certification and recertification courses entirely online for convenience. We recommend some additional hands-on practice for safety.

Our online certification and recertification programs give you the info and tools you need to operate forklifts safely. If you need more practical experience, you’ll want to get hands-on training at your workplace. Our program is 100% online and gives you the didactic training you need. While there’s no substitute for real-world experience, our online training guides and final Forklift Operator Certification Exam are easy to complete from a computer or tablet. You don’t have to worry about expensive, boring in-person courses anymore—just finish our online training, test your practical skills at work, and you’re good to go. Earn the forklift certification you deserve affordably and on your own schedule!

Why Choose ROI Safety Services

Forklift Training Benefits

Forklifts play a crucial role in various industries, including construction sites, warehouses, and other industrial settings. However, many companies don’t offer forklift certification services for their employees, even though employers can face fines for failing to provide adequate safety training that aligns with OSHA standards. That’s where ROI Safety Services comes in with our user-friendly individual Forklift Operator Certification Programs. In just an hour, you can earn your forklift certification, which is valid for at least a year. This certification demonstrates your understanding of relevant OSHA guidelines and your ability to operate forklifts safely in a commercial setting.

Proper Forklift Operator Certification is crucial for employers, who could face substantial fines per employee for non-compliance with OSHA training requirements. Let ROI Safety Services help you and your team meet these safety standards.

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The Best Forklift Operator Certification for Small or Large Teams

An on-site forklift license certification is a great addition for any employee. It is also essential for the business and helps reduce the risk of injuries and accidents when using this equipment. We help you evaluate which PIT forklift training is right for your team and provide PIT forklift refresher courses for those previously certified.

ROI Safety Services is uniquely equipped to provide both on-site and online PIT forklift training for individuals, small teams, or large groups. Both the online and on-site courses are comprehensive and focus on teaching from basic to advanced safety practices. Our on-site classes include both classroom education and hands-on learning to address all aspects of forklift operation.

We have extensive experience providing a full range of safety courses, including a hazard assessment training course and an industrial truck operation course. Each course is customized to your needs, providing maximum value and a top ROI.

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  • Promote Safety In your workplace
  • Learn basic forklift operation
  • Understand basic forklift maintenance


Yes, ROI Safety Services provides training and other support to help you successfully pass our final exam. Once you pass the exam, you'll receive an instant digital PDF certificate for your certification.

We recommend getting certified or recertified through ROI Safety Services for both experienced and new forklift operators. New operators should also receive hands-on training at their workplace. Our online training program provides comprehensive guidance and information on the technical aspects of forklift operation, but hands-on learning is crucial and cannot be replaced.

Yes, at ROI Safety Services we understand that our training program isn’t for everyone. If our records indicate that you have not made any progress in the coursework, we will issue you a refund.

No, our Forklift Operator Certification Program at ROI Safety Services does not certify your driving ability. Instead, we certify that you understand how to operate a forklift properly. So, even if you've made driving mistakes in the past, you can still earn your Forklift Operator Certificate.