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What is PIT Forklift Traing Training?

PIT Forklift Training, also known as Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) training, is a structured program designed to educate and certify individuals in the safe operation of forklifts and other types of powered industrial trucks. These machines are commonly used in various industries and workplaces, such as warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and construction sites, to move, lift, and transport heavy loads.

Why is PIT Forklift Training important?

PIT forklift training plays a critical role in reducing the risk of accidents, injuries, and damage to equipment or property in workplaces where forklifts are used. It ensures that operators are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to operate these powerful machines safely and efficiently.

Simple-to-use LMS!

Enjoy completing this safety course at your own pace using our simple-to-use LMS (Learning Management System)! The Hazard Assessment Training course contains 1 video that you can complete in one sitting, or resume later and our system will hold your place to resume at a later time if you need to step away from your computer! Even after completing the course, you can return anytime within a full year, for a refresher at your convenience!

ROI Safety Services LMS Online Course
ROI Safety Services Certificate Online LMS

Certificate of Completion

After completing this course, you will get a personalized Safety Course Certificate with your name, the course you completed, and the date & time of completion for your records. Print it, hang it up, or forward it to your boss or HR department for verification.  

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