how long is OSHA 10 good for

How Long is OSHA 10 Good For?

Industries like construction, manufacturing, and disaster cleanup often require OSHA certification. Unfortunately, many people remain confused about what exactly this certification as, and how to go about getting one. In some cases, those that do attain certification are unclear as to how long it lasts.

In this article, we’ll discuss all of these questions in detail. 

What is OSHA?

OSHA is the acronym for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Part of the US Department of Labor, this organization checks to see that workplaces are free of health and safety hazards. Many employers require that all their workers attend an OSHA training program so that they have a better understanding of occupational safety. In the end, this can help the employer reduce their overall insurance premiums while also avoiding costly lawsuits. 

What “Certification” Really Means

It might sound confusing at first, but OSHA doesn’t actually do any certification at all. When workers and business owners talk about being “OSHA certified,” what they’re referring to is ensuring their workers attend an OSHA-approved, third-party safety class. These are commonly referred to as “Outreach Training Programs,” and they usually include 10 hour and 30 hours courses. 

A 10-hour course is often referred to as “OSHA 10” and is generally considered more than enough for the average employee. The longer programs are usually reserved for supervisors and other workers responsible for a team or crew. Upon finishing either of these courses, a worker will receive a completion card from the Department of Labor. 

In Most Cases, Training is an Ongoing Process

Once you attend your course and get your completion card, the industry you work in will determine if and when you need to train further. For instance, the Construction, General Industry, and Disaster Site completion cards are valid for the rest of your career. However, if directed, you must receive supplementary training on new or changing industry standards. The one exception is the Maritime Industry, where workers are expected to get additional training every five years on top of any supplementary training manded by OSHA or their employer. 

So, while these completion cards do not expire, per se, most companies will recommend that their workers take frequent classes to stay informed of new safety regulations and industry best practices. 

What if my OSHA Card is Lost or Damaged?

Like a driver’s license, you want to keep your completion card on you at all times. While there will always be records of your training, it can be helpful when dealing with employers and inspectors if you have it on you whenever you’re near the job site. If you do lose your card or it happens to become damaged, you can contact your OSHA-authorized training provider for a replacement. 

Please note that only one replacement card can be issued per student. So if you happen to lose your card twice, you’ll need to retake the training program. At ROI Safety Services, we provide fully-compliant OSHA Safety Training to employees from a wide range of industries. If you have yet to take your class, need supplemental training, or have lost your completion card, reach out to our team today. 

Do OSHA 10-Hour Cards Expire?

OSHA 10-hour cards do not expire. However, your local state, county, city, or industry may have specific requirements in terms of taking a refresher course.

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