The 10 Most Common OSHA Violations

OSHA violations plague every industry. They’re not only sources of hefty fines but also cause for an abundance of avoidable injuries and fatalities. In 2020 alone, the Board of Labor Statistics reported 2.7 million nonfatal workplace injuries. To help companies reduce violations and make their workplaces safer, OSHA publishes the 10 most common violations every year. Understanding these […]

What is OSHA?

what is osha

What is OSHA? OSHA stands for “Occupational safety and health administration”. Its mission is to give safety training, safety advice, safety inspections, and safety investigations into potential hazards that workers can encounter. This article will cover what OSHA is, the benefits of working with them, and what you need to know about filing a complaint […]

How Long is OSHA 10 Good For?

How Long is OSHA 10 Good For?

How Long is OSHA 10 Good For? Industries like construction, manufacturing, and disaster cleanup often require OSHA certification. Unfortunately, many people remain confused about what exactly this certification as, and how to go about getting one. In some cases, those that do attain certification are unclear as to how long it lasts. In this article, […]