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Boom lifts are used to elevate workers to high places. They can be used for a variety of tasks, including construction, inspection, and maintenance.

Being certified to operate a boom lift requires training, written exams and practical skills demonstrations in order to be deemed competent. This goes for other equipment as well. With the right preparation, you can become certified to operate a boom lift, which will enable you to take on high-altitude tasks such as construction, inspection or maintenance.

Boom lift certifications are specific to the type of boom lift being operated. There are three main types of boom lifts.

To become certified, you’ll first need to complete a training program that is specific to the type of boom lift equipment you will be operating. Once you’ve completed the training, you’ll need to take and pass a written exam. Finally, you’ll need to demonstrate your skills on a practical test. With the right training and preparation, you can become certified to operate a boom lift and take on high-altitude tasks safely and efficiently.

Types of boom lifts

There are two main types of boom lifts: telescopic, and articulating. Telescopic boom lifts have an extendable arm that can reach up to 60 feet high. Articulating boom lifts have a jointed arm that can reach up to 40 feet high.

Certification for telescopic boom lifts requires the longest training, at least 40 hours. Articulating certification can be completed in as little as 20 hours.

The written exam will test your knowledge of the boom lift you will be operating. The questions will cover topics such as safety procedures, operation instructions, and maintenance tips.

The practical test will assess your ability to operate the boom lift safely and efficiently. You will be asked to complete a series of tasks, such as moving the lift to different positions, extending and retracting the arm, and raising and lowering the platform.

With the right training material and preparation, you can become certified to operate a boom lift and take on high-altitude tasks safely and efficiently, which is the OSHA standard.

This is an outline of what is required to become boom lift certified. For more information on specific training programs, exams, and practical tests, please contact your local community college, technical school, or online course provider.

Boom Lifting Certification Requirements for Training

Every year, OSHA investigates a wide range of boom lift violations, many of which result in injuries and deaths. Aerial lifts were four of the top 10 infractions committed by small businesses, emphasizing the need for a low-cost approach to obtaining boom licenses, such as OSHA-approved training class and certification courses.

OSHA has established a number of safety regulations for employers who employ boom lift operators. OSHA regulation requires all businesses that have boom lift operators on their payroll to adhere to particular safety standards, such as providing a safe and hazard-free workplace, there will be a practical evaluation. This implies that only workers who have completed OSHA-approved training are allowed to operate boom lifts for the benefit of everyone concerned.

Boom lift operators must have their operator certification to keep their job safe. OSHA regulations expect employers to be responsible for providing boom lift operators with instruction and certification so that they can follow all aerial work platform (AWP) safety standards. Our boom lift operator training allows your workers to pass a practical exam and keep current with all OSHA requirements. CMO offers the greatest in convenience and pricing, whatever your company’s needs for compliance or when you need it most!

Employers are also required to provide refresher training for their boom lift workers at least once every three years. Our aerial lift and boom lift training includes free life renewal licenses, which means you just have to pay once to train and certify your team. Contact CMO right now for assistance with boom lift operator license certification and renewal instruction. We make it simple, quick, and affordable for your operators to comply with OSHA regulations and become comfortable with fall protection.

How Long is a Boom Lift Certification Good For?

After three years, you’ll need to recertify your employees to demonstrate that they’re still up to date on OSHA safety standards and guidelines.

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We’ll help you select the most appropriate OSHA-approved boom lift certification course for your needs and budget so that you too can have a safe operation and that you’re OSHA compliant. Whether you have a single operator or an entire team, we can provide the training and certification you need to stay in compliance with OSHA standards, with successful completion. The programs also offer fall protection training.

Don’t wait – get started today and ensure your employees are properly trained and certified to operate boom lifts safely as well as other equipment/mobile elevated work platform. It’s imperative for the safety of your workers with fall protection and your business. For example, if an accident were to occur and it was found that the operator was not properly certified, your company could be held liable and face hefty fines.

We offer the most convenient and affordable solution for online safety training, aerial lift and boom lift operator certification and renewal. Give us a call today for a free consultation and get started with your training course!

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