Are you in a hurry to get your forklift license? How long does it take to finish the training course? It’s normal to have these questions on your mind.

Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut method, and we wouldn’t recommend taking any shortcuts. Attend the lessons and stay as long as necessary. Some institutions do make exaggerated claims that they can train you in two hours. Avoid using this type of training service.

It actually depends heavily on the curriculum. According to OSHA, the course should include theory, hands-on instruction, and skill assessments. These are all things to keep in mind when choosing a training course.

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What Is a Forklift Operator?

A forklift operator is a specialist tasked with moving bulky objects using heavy gear. On construction sites, forklift operators frequently work under the direction of supply chain managers, foremen, or warehouse managers. Many businesses rely on forklift operators to carry heavy or large things safely.

What Is a Forklift Operator Certification?

Before using a forklift, lift truck, or warehouse item, forklift operators must be certified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Workers need a forklift certification to decrease the number of injuries brought on by the misuse of equipment while on the job.

What Factors Impact the Duration of Your Forklift Training?

There are many different types of forklifts, so the training needs to be appropriate for the type of forklift you want to operate. As a result, the type of forklift you intend to drive will also affect how long the training takes. It usually only takes one or two days to finish the training required to operate a counterbalance forklift, the most popular type of truck. However, the training is extensive and takes a long time if you want to operate a rough terrain forklift truck; it often lasts between 3-5 days.

Before enrolling in a training program, you should discuss your goals with the institution so that they can adjust the course material to meet your needs.

Crucial Factors to Consider Before Getting Your Forklift Certification

If you want the process to run quickly and efficiently, make sure you meet the following requirements before enrolling in a course:

  • According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, forklift operators need to be 18 years or older before getting a job. 
  • Forklift operators need to be high school graduates or have a GED equivalent.
  • Operators need to be in good physical condition because of how demanding the job is. It would be best if you had stamina because of the long work hours. 
  • You need to be literate and understand basic mathematics to follow instructions. 
  • A forklift operator must not struggle with alcohol or drug addiction or abuse. 
  • Certified forklift operators must have a clean background. Employers are allowed to perform a background check before hiring any workers.


These specifications are standard but could change depending on the training provider. Before making your final decision, you should know the prerequisites, the cost, and the duration of the forklift certification. 

Online Training Is Also an Option

This is a convenient option. According to OSHA, certification must include a performance test and real-world practice.

How to Get Your Forklift Certification

You can get certified by enrolling in an online or in-person course. Many people opt to go to training in person at a local business or vocational institution. These courses feature in-class instruction, a written exam, as well as practical training and assessment.

If you want to become a qualified forklift operator, follow these steps:

1. Determine What Type of Forklift Certification You Want

Your business should provide training specific to the forklift you will be driving. According to OSHA, powered industrial trucks fall into seven classes:

  • Class 1: Sit-down rider, electric motor, and counterbalanced trucks (pneumatic and solid tires)
  • Class 2: Electric motor narrow aisle truck (solid tires)
  • Class 3: Hand or rider trucks or electric motor hand trucks (solid tires)
  • Class 4: Internal combustion engine truck with solid tires (solid tires)
  • Class 5: Interna; combustion engine truck with pneumatic tires
  • Class 6: Internal combustion and electric engine tractors (pneumatic and solid tires)
  • Class 7: Rough terrain forklifts (pneumatic tires)

2. Sign Up for a Training Course

Find a local training course that has been approved by the OSHA. Companies, vocational schools, local community colleges, and forklift dealers offer these programs. The certification process is divided into two stages: classroom training and practical testing.

3. Attend Your Classes

Coursework that covers safety, OSHA regulations, forklift maintenance, and driving skills is the initial phase of forklift operator training. The training program must adhere to OSHA requirements. These courses usually take six to eight hours in total. They could consist of lectures, instructional videos, or books.

4. Take the Exam

Following the completion of your coursework, you will take a written test. Generally, in order to continue training, students must receive at least 75% on their exams.

5. Complete Your Practical Training

After passing the exam, you will need to train and practice using forklift equipment to show that you have the necessary forklift skills. This may involve loading supplies, navigating confined places, lifting loads, and operating at an angle while using a forklift.

The trainer will evaluate your performance based on your abilities, safety, and efficiency. If you already work for a business that makes use of forklifts, this training may take place there, and your employer might be the one to assess your skills.

6. Final Evaluation

Based on your driving rating and results on the written exam, the examiner will assess your total performance. You’ll receive your certification if both are at satisfactory levels. It should be noted that the decision to certify you to operate a forklift will only be made in the end by your company or a qualified instructor.

After passing the test, you’ll get a forklift license you can use to apply for jobs. Your name, the date of your training and evaluation, and the name of the trainer or assessor are all listed on this certificate.

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