A forklift is a small commercial vehicle with an affixed, power-operated fork used to lift and transport cargo. Forklifts are used in many industries, such as large warehouses where transporting goods is necessary.

Because of these vehicles’ dangers, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that anyone operating a forklift receive formal training every three years to refresh their knowledge. 

This blog post will discuss everything you need to know about receiving forklift training and renewing your license.

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How Long Does CPR Certification Last?

There’s nothing scarier than watching a friend, family member, or colleague suffering a heart attack. It’s a lot worse when all you can do is stand by helplessly, not knowing what to do. Fortunately, you never have to be in this position when you pursue CPR training.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends that every workplace have one or more CPR-trained first aiders. If you have signed up for this training program, you might wonder what to expect. 

In this post, we’ll discuss all you need to know about CPR class and what you will learn throughout your training.

Where Are Lift Trucks Used?

Forklifts are necessary for several industries. This includes:

1. Warehouses

In the warehouse, forklifts are most frequently employed for moving products. There is a wide selection of forklifts available, from light-duty pedestrian-operated devices to powerful driver-operated vehicles to meet the demands of various facilities.

Pallet forklifts are employed to unload and reload items such as cartons and tins transported on pallets.

2. Construction Sites

Industrial forklifts are valuable equipment at construction sites since they can transport heavy building supplies over vast distances and through difficult terrain. It combines and balances the roles of a traditional vehicle and lifting equipment. Bricks, building supplies, and more are often unloaded by lift trucks and transported to the work site.

3. The Docks

When a rapid and efficient technique to load weapons and ammunition is required during a battle, forklifts have been employed to load and offload vessels and barges.

Bulky containers are now moved from delivery vehicles to dockside storage areas, then to vessels using industrial-grade forklifts. After being offloaded, it is utilized to haul shipments of steel and timber.

4. Recycling Facilities

In recycling activities, lift trucks are also utilized to unload recycle trucks or containers and move cargo to the relevant processing bays. Elevators, straight trucks, and tractor-trailers can easily be loaded and unloaded with forklifts. Tires and other items that might slip off the forks can be transported using cage attachments instead.

Why Is Forklift Training Essential?

Many experts agree that these vehicles are more dangerous than the average car for several reasons. Firstly, they are typically heavier than a car, weighing 9,000 pounds or more, three times as heavy as your average passenger vehicle. 

Secondly, they only have one set of brakes, while cars have two, so the braking system could be more reliable. Moreover, the weight of these vehicles is typically unbalanced, which is why they can easily tip over. This is the number one cause of forklift accidents.

Because forklifts are used to transport goods, exceeding the load capacity could cause cargo to fall, injuring nearby workers, and the fact that the load often obstructs the driver’s view doesn’t make things any better. 

The truth is that many accidents involving forklifts occur due to inexperience or carelessness on the driver’s part. This is why OSHA has made it mandatory for drivers to have certification. 


Forklift training is designed to ensure that operators know about the risks associated with driving this kind of vehicle and encourage daily inspections of their vehicles to reduce the number of forklift-related accidents in the workplace.

Is It Mandatory That Forklift Drivers Receive Training?

Yes, according to federal law, the forklift operation requires a certification. Before driving a lift truck, all operators must be qualified per OSHA 1910.178 (i)(6). Industrial forklift operations begin with thorough training and evaluation.

OSHA forklift certification aims to lower the incidence of occupational injury brought on by improper forklift use. Companies can benefit greatly from this certification through fewer accidents, cheaper insurance, and less property damage.

What You Can Expect from Forklift Training

At ROI Safety Services, we provide premium training programs to prepare forklift drivers for operating these industrial vehicles. Our training course is done on-site and requires two hours to complete, but it can be tailored to meet your needs and preferences. 

Lift trucks are divided into various classes. You must have training and certification for each class of forklift you drive if you operate more than one.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from our training program: 

  • The dangers of driving a forklift 
  • Conducting pre-operation inspections 
  • Operating a lift truck 
  • Propane refilling
  • Nameplates 
  • Combined actions 
  • Operating this commercial vehicle at the docks 
  • Ramps and railroad tracks 
  • Transporting goods with a forklift 
  • How to park 
  • Tipping
  • The stability triangle 
  • Loading and unloading 
  • Unattended fork trucks 


You will also learn several safe practices to help you operate your forklift safely. This includes understanding your responsibility as a driver, understanding the basic components of the lift truck, and how to conduct an inspection prior to use. 

If you require more information about our forklift training, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

What to Do Before Your Training

Before attending our course, we request that companies make sure the potential drivers have read all relevant information in the operator’s manual, received instruction on the vehicle controls, and have practiced operating the forklift under supervision.

This is because the course is done as a group, to make the best of it, it is essential to provide your staff with some basic one-on-one training.

Forklift Certification

Pursuing training is essential if you intend to operate a forklift. You’ll need refresher training if it has been over three years since your last forklift training. At ROI Safety Services, we provide high-quality safety to ensure businesses are OSHA-compliant. 

If you require more information about our courses or would like to make a booking, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

Renew Your Forklift Certification with ROI Safety Services!

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