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We do not offer on-site individual forklift training. We do offer an online course for General Awareness Forklift Training for individuals that need to start their training, but onsite training will still be required by your employer.

We cover core first-aid concepts like CPR, controlling bleeding, applying bandages, treating for shock, bloodborne pathogens, identification and treatment of burns from heat or cold, eye and abdominal injuries, stabilization of impaled objects and managing emergencies related to diabetes, poisoning, and seizures. We provide training on identifying heart attacks and cardiac arrest, and what you should do if one happens.

At ROI Safety Services, we make it easy when it comes to gaining your HAZWOPER certification. Our OHSA compliant courses are provided on-site at your facility. Whether you are trying for your initial certification or you need a refresher course to brush up on your skills, you can enrol by calling us at (714) 520-1608.

There is no minimum age to learn CPR, as these skills are useful for people of any age. Though children can learn CPR, the optimal minimum age for learning how to perform chest compressions is around 12 or 13 years old.

ROI Safety Services provides on-site CUPA training at your facility. This course teaches safe handling methods, emergency response, prevention and evacuation, as well as waste training, labelling and more. Ask us for a quote to get started by calling our team at (714) 520-1608.

We offer comprehensive forklift training on-site at your facility. Training is performed in groups of as few as 5 people or as large as 50 people. You can register for on-site training by filling out our online form.