Forklift Training in Orange, CA

What You Must Know

ROI Safety Services offers a classroom-like presentation, but the training consultant also leads the team in hands-on exercises. During forklift training in Orange, CA, you learn:


  • Operating hazards

  • Combined actions

  • Stability triangle

  • Nameplates

  • Pre-operation inspections

  • Tipping

  • Operating a lift truck safely

  • Unloading and loading

  • Ramps and railroad tracks

  • Traveling

  • Parking

  • Docks

  • Propane refueling

  • Unattended forklift trucks

Generally, on-site training takes about two hours to complete, but this varies based on your specific requirements.


Before the training starts, we make sure that employers have discussed things with prospective operators. They should have the pertinent information found in the operator’s manual, be supervised while using the forklift, and understand equipment controls. 


Though we can provide a basic overview of the controls and operation, it’s ideal for the team to understand this information. After forklift training in Orange, CA, the team will know how to be around the equipment, and proper safety protocols, have an understanding of what operators should do, and could be responsible for the equipment. 


Once the forklift driver completes the course, they get a Powered Industrial Truck Certification Card if they pass. This is valid for three years.

How Many People We Train

Many company owners come to us asking how many people we can train. We work with groups of all sizes, so there’s no need to worry. Whether you’ve got one individual who needs to learn or 100 employees who require education simultaneously, we’re prepared to handle it.


Our forklift training in Orange, CA, includes:

  • Written and driving tests
  • Pre-shift inspections
  • Propane and battery safety
  • Brake systems
  • Load centers
  • Data plates
  • Operating environments
  • Operator responsibilities
  • Characteristics of forklifts
  • Fundamentals for safe operating
  • OSHA requirements
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Forklift Training La Habra, CA​

Do You Really Need Forklift Training in Orange, CA?

Many people wonder if they need a specific course for forklift training in Orange, CA. It’s easy to read a manual and operate the machinery, but that’s not enough! OSHA requires all operators to be certified and trained in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.178. The licenses are renewable every three years.

What happens if you don’t have a valid certification for all forklift operators? OSHA can demand that you pay penalties, which start at $7,000 and could go up to $70,000.

The United States sees about 100,000 forklift-related injuries yearly, and about 100 people lose their lives. Operating a forklift without the proper education and certification is not worth it!

Choose Appropriate Certification

There are different classes for powered industrial trucks, so employees should be certified on each type they might drive. Therefore, you must be certified for both if you have an operator card for your Class III forklift and operate a Class II vehicle.

While renews are necessary every three years, you may need to provide refresher training under these circumstances:

  • Operator is assigned to a different class of truck
  • Driver received an evaluation claiming they’re not driving safely
  • Accident or near-miss issue happens

We can help you determine what education your team needs. Fill out the online form or call (714) 520-1608 to get a quote. Let’s get started today!