CPR Certification 101

CPR Certification 101

CPR helps keep oxygen and blood flowing while increasing the chances of survival for someone who suffers a cardiac arrest. This lifesaving technique is much necessary now that heart disease is on the rise. And, the good news is that anyone can learn CPR.

What is Covered in a 4-Hour CPR Certification Course?

During the four-hour CPR certification course, the instructor will show the proper CPR through artificial respiration and chest compression. Depending on the class specialization you picked, you may also learn various CPR techniques for infants, children, adults, and adults.

What Do I Need to Bring to a CPR Class?

When attending a CPR class, ensure to wear comfortable shoes and clothes. That is because you will need to kneel on the floor or ground next to the mannequin. You also need to sit in a chair while listening to the instructor and watching videos. 

If you use a wheelchair or a cane, you can bring and use them. If you wear a wrist or knee brace for physical activities, you can also bring and wear them. Above all, you should bring the willingness to learn CPR alongside an open mind for new ways to learn the technique.

How Long Does the Process Take to Get Your CPR Certification 

You have to listen to the instructor, complete the knowledge reviews, watch video materials, and take the final test in a classroom course. The class duration depends on the course you picked. Once you pass the CPR class, you can start printing the certificate immediately rather than waiting for it to come in the mail. That is the case if the school or learning center sends the certification via email.

Can You Get CPR Certified Online?

Yes, you can get CPR certified online, but we recommend taking an in-person CPR class as you are able to practice with real manikins. When it comes CPR and first aid, having in-person training can literally be the difference between life and death. However, there are some online CPR classes that other organizations offer. The course only takes a few hours and is designed for teenagers, adults, parents, and coaches. It will help you gain the necessary skills to respond during breathing or cardiac emergencies.

How Much Does It Cost to Get CPR Certified?

The CPR training cost varies according to several factors, such as training duration and course content. On average, the individual CPR training cost is between $45 and $55, with materials costing $20 to $30.

Different Types of Certifications 

You can choose from different CPR classes and certifications, such as:

Below are other CPR certifications you can try:

A report from the American Heart Association states that about 70% of Americans are feeling helpless when cardiac arrest emergencies strike since they cannot administer CPR effectively or their training has lapsed. That is why getting a CPR certification is critical to saving more lives.

Get CPR Certified Today!

If you need to get CPR or first aid certified, sign up for an in-person CPR and First Aid Class in Orange County today! We will come to your business to administer the training.

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