Nearly everyone involved in the manufacture, transport, distribution, and use of hazardous chemicals has at least some responsibilities under HCS.

Chemical Manufacturers need to evaluate the chemicals and any components of chemical products they produce to identify potential hazards, and then must create and distribute appropriate warning labels and material safety data sheets (MSDSs) along with any chemicals they ship to importers, distributors or end-users.

Importers and Distributors must also supply labels and MSDSs along with any hazardous chemicals they ship to end-users. If, for whatever reason, they are not able to secure an MSDS from the chemical manufacturer, then the responsibility is theirs to create and transmit all necessary labels and MSDSs.

End-users and Employers responsibilities consist of five key components:

For an expanded discussion of the five key components of employer responsibilities, read the Safety Manager To-Do List under the next tab.