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Are you working in an industry that deals with hazardous waste regularly in Fresno, CA? If so, completing a Title 22 training course is a must!

Chemical manufacturing, mining, metal fabrication, and petroleum refining are examples of industries that produce hazardous waste. To ensure the safe disposal of these byproducts, companies must hire workers who are Title 22 certified.

In California, complying with Title 22 regulations for waste generators and transporters is not just important – it’s the law. Failing to meet these requirements can result in severe consequences, including hefty fines and putting workers and the surrounding community at risk.

Industries That Need This Course

The term “generator” applies to any sector of the economy that either directly produces hazardous waste or indirectly causes the generation of such waste through its actions. That’s why staff need a hazardous waste generator certification.

With a Title 22 course certification from our training in Fresno, CA, you qualify to handle either:

  • Large Quantity Generators (LQGs): the heavy hitters of hazardous waste production, generating a whopping ton or more of waste monthly. If that’s not enough, LQGs also produce over a kilo of acutely harmful waste monthly!
  • Small Quantity Generators (SQGs): They are still environmentally conscious but produce less than the threshold set for LQGs. But beware, California doesn’t exempt tiny quantity generators, unlike the federal government. Even when they produce less than a hundred kilos monthly, they still require certification for California hazardous waste generation.

What Regulations Does This Course Satisfy?

Earning your certification as a Title 22 Hazardous Waste Generator is easy with the help of our online training course. This training conforms with Title 22 CCR 66265.16 and 66262.34 of the California Code of Regulations for Toxic Substances.

Each year, California Title 22 Hazardous Waste Generators must complete a refresher course, and we have one that meets those standards.

Investing in Title 22 training is more than compliance – it’s about ensuring your team’s and the public’s safety. Don’t let hazardous waste handling and disposal become a risky business. 

Contact ROI Safety Services today to schedule your Title 22 training course and protect your industry from potential harm.

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Why Choose ROI's Title 22 Training Over Others?

Unlike other online courses that can be dry and theoretical, ROI has partnered with industrial experts who bring decades of work experience in hazardous environments. 

We’ve incorporated practical examples throughout the course to keep you engaged and simplify learning.

We also offer additional courses to Title 22 training in Fresno, CA, that are accessible 24/7, affordable, and even include remote Q&A sessions with our expert instructors. That means you can complete the course on your own time without breaking the bank and still have access to expert guidance when needed.

So why wait? Register for our course today and experience the best Title 22 training available. Become a certified hazardous waste handler in no time with ROI’s expert guidance and practical approach.

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