The benefits of using a Safety Consultant for your business
Welcome to my news letter. My goals is to provide helpful information to improve your understanding and responsibility of employee safety in the workplace.

I will use an example to help communicate the importance of using a safety consultant and how taking a proactive approach can and will save you time and money as well as help reduce the risk of injury and an OSHA inspection.

Common reason for an OSHA inspection:
• Disgruntled employee makes a call to OSHA,
• A work related injury/fatality in which OSHA must be notified
• The surprise visit, which happens more frequently than you might think.
Either one will require an OSHA inspection.

This particular client was a small to midsize company in the aerospace service industry with a 100 employees working on a plane service line. A disgruntled employee (who chose to not be identified) called OSHA complaining of unsafe conditions while working at heights. Within a few days OSHA made a site visit, met with the plant manger and HR department, interviewed several employees and inspected the location of the complaint. The following Citations were made:

• NO Fall Protection Program (training, documentation for both)
• OSHA 300 Logs not available.
ROI Safety Services was contacted the same day. We assisted immediately by providing an IIPP, Fall Protection assessment, develop programs as well as update the 300 logs.

The OSHA inspection was made public on the OSHA establishment search. Actual fines are currently being evaluated.

Once we provided the necessary documents for OSHA we set the customer up on a monthly service plan that includes:

Monthly Inspections of facility (report, pictures, OSHA STANDARDS and PLAN OF ACTION!)

Monthly Training (Fall protection, IIPP, PPE etc)

Safety Committee (chairing the meeting)

This will allow ROI Safety Services to go in once a month (or more as requested) and provide comprehensive documented inspection with pictures and references to the OSHA Standard(s), also part of the monthly visit may include chairing a safety committee, where the findings can be addressed and assigned. We also provided monthly safety training to ensure each employee has a clear understanding of OSHA requirements and the tools to work safely.

Could all of this been avoided by using a safety consultant? Yes! No doubt a consultant performing inspections and training would have caught the lack of an IIPP, Fall Protection and 300 logs, but would it have prevented the disgruntled worker from making the call? In this situation YES. This employee was disgruntled because they felt the employer was failing to provide a safe work place. We do not know exactly what the employee was thinking or why the employee didn’t go to management for help, but we do know that if a safety consultant was onsite and providing regular safety training and inspections it would have been more likely that the entire issues would have been avoided.

The lesson here is to ensure that your company is in compliance with all State, Federal and local agencies. I suggest a proactive approach by hiring safety consultant to perform a pre-assessment with an action plant for OSHA compliance. ROI Safety Services can perform this typically within one visit and provide a comprehensive analysis with an action plan.

The benefits of hiring a consultant:
• 20 + years of experience complying OSHA,
• prevention rather than reaction
• Very low cost to customer vs cost of full time employee with benefits
• Service available either as needed or service agreement
• A staff of experts at your service to provide the most current OSHA compliance information.
• Training available for employees when required by experts in the area of training
• We come in to each facility with one goal in mind to ensure employee safety and OSHA compliance.
• There are no agendas from our consultants.
All businesses are subject to OSHA. If you are unsure of the OSHA requirements for worker safety please contact us and we will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your specific OSHA requirements. Don’t wait until an inspection, an injury… or worse….

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