With GHS alignment, each container of a classified hazardous chemical is to be labeled, tagged, or marked with the following elements:

Keep in mind these requirements are for classified hazards. For unclassified hazards, the shipping label should include the product name, supplier contact information, and as supplemental information, a description of the hazards and appropriate precautionary measures. WHMIS has additional label elements that may need to be included, such as an on label reference to the corresponding SDS.

Workplace Labeling

GHS allows authorities like OSHA to determine what types of workplace labels will be required, and OSHA has signaled it will continue to give employers flexibility in this area by allowing them to choose “to label workplace containers either with the same label that would be on shipped containers for the chemical under the revised rule, or with label alternatives that meet the requirements for the standard.”

OSHA will also continue to give employers alternatives to affixing labels to stationary containers and portable containers used to transfer materials from other labeled containers, so long as the portable containers remain under the control of the employee who performs the transfer and are used within a workshift.

Remember, labels must not be defaced or removed unless immediately replaced with new labels.