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Need CPR and First Aid Training in Santa Ana, CA? Contact ROI Safety Services

Are you looking for CPR and first aid training in Santa Ana, CA? Come to our hands-on, immerse CPR and First Aid courses if you want to learn crucial lifesaving techniques. With the help of our knowledgeable teachers, we’ll create a fun learning environment where you can ask questions and give you the assurance you need to start saving lives. 

Our CPR course will teach you how to acquire the abilities and information to know what to do in the event of a medical emergency. For more information, contact us at (714) 520-1608. 

Why Should You Choose ROI Safety Services?

In addition to providing BLS, CPR, and First Aid Certification and Recertification Courses, ROI Safety Services is a high-quality OSHA company that offers online and classroom-based courses, up-to-date news, and information.

Through evidence-based learning and professional education per the American Red Cross guidelines and recommendations, we want to further our objective of encouraging healthy lifestyles and lowering the mortality and morbidity of strokes and cardiovascular diseases.

Healthcare professionals and regular individuals can receive CPR certification, which is offered by our dedicated team of highly qualified professional trainers and phenomenal personnel.

A CPR course teaches you how to immediately call for assistance, revive someone with ventilation and/or chest compressions, and use an automated external defibrillator (AED) to save their life in pulmonary cardiac arrest. You can be an advanced healthcare provider to enroll in one of these courses. Anyone can learn!

What to Expect from Our CPR Training Courses

You can learn the lifesaving skills you need to assist children and adults during respiratory arrest, cardiac arrest, and other emergency circumstances by taking online or in-person CPR courses.  

Additionally, you will learn how to respond to injury and environmental crises, including sprains, external bleeding, fractured bones, and bites and stings, as well as medical emergencies such as heart attacks, severe choking, and strokes.

We address a number of crucial concepts during our classes. A few of the main course objectives include:

  • Understanding the chain of survival
  • Recognizing cardiac arrest
  • Delivering appropriate rescue breathing or ventilation
  • How to give high-quality and prompt CPR
  • How to use automated external defibrillators (AEDs)


Additionally, you can expand your knowledge by passing the written test and final evaluation, build confidence in handling both in-hospital and out-of-hospital emergencies, and develop a passion for and enthusiasm for saving lives!

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A CPR and First Aid certification will be highly beneficial if you want to be ready for emergencies that could affect you or anyone in the neighborhood or office. ROI Safety Services is dedicated to offering convenient, accessible, and affordable CPR training courses, so you do your part to help the community. 

Get your CPR certification and learn skills that can save lives so you know exactly what to do in emergencies! Contact us at (714) 520-1608 to start your journey.

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The first step to preparing for an emergency situation is receiving the proper safety training. Contact us today for more information about our training courses or to request your free quote!