CPR and First Aid Training in Orange, CA


Safety is always the top priority whether you work in healthcare or are a business owner. However, most employees need more knowledge and skills to act in a critical situation. ROI Safety Services wants the world to be a safer place. Therefore, we offer CPR and first aid training in Orange, CA.

Our team comes to your location to provide a comfortable and relaxed environment where your employees can learn and practice safety techniques.

Everyone Benefits

If a disaster strikes, knowledge can help save a life. When someone stops breathing, it could take too long to wait for emergency services to arrive. Employees and managers can provide first aid and CPR to those in need, but only when they have the appropriate skills.

What the Course Covers

When you choose our CPR and first aid training in Orange, CA, you learn:

  • AED (automated external defibrillator) techniques
  • How to perform practical skills
  • How to help conscious and unconscious people
  • How to administer one-rescuer and artificial respiration techniques
  • How to identify cardiac arrest
  • How to recognize the symptoms and signs of heart attacks
  • How to activate EMS systems


The first aid portion of the course covers:

  • Managing seizure, diabetic, and poison emergencies
  • Stabilizing abdominal, eye, and impaled-object injuries
  • Identifying and treating burns or injuries from cold and heat
  • Blood-borne pathogens
  • Controlling bleeding, applying basic bandages, and treating shock
  • Conducting secondary and primary surveys
CPR and First Aid Training in Orange
CPR and First Aid Training in Orange CA

OSHA Compliance

Many business owners don’t realize that OSHA requires companies within and out of the construction industry to have someone trained in first aid on-site. This might not be necessary if you’ve got nearby medical facility access, but it’s still important for everyone to know what to do in an emergency.

What happens if you only request CPR and first aid training for a handful of people, and none of them work a shift? You violate OSHA rules and could be penalized. It’s generally best for everyone to receive the same skills so that everyone knows what to do!

Online Training Concerns

Company owners often want to save time and money, so they look into online CPR training courses. While many excellent options are available, they do not meet OSHA requirements. Therefore, it’s often best to partner with ROI Safety Services to find a customized program that meets your needs.

Typically, CPR certification lasts two years in California. However, skills start to decline within a few months. Therefore, it’s often best to schedule yearly or bi-yearly refresher courses to keep people engaged so that they remember what they’ve learned.

Why Choose ROI Safety Services

The professionals at ROI Safety Services are trustworthy and have years of experience training others. As experts, we ensure that your team has the required skills. 


Though we offer CPR and first aid training in Orange, CA, other programs are available. We’re the go-to solution for business owners in all industries regarding safety or health. Don’t wait until a workplace accident leaves you with a lawsuit. Make sure your team is thoroughly trained and ready for anything!


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