Active Shooter Training Santa Ana

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An active shooter is someone who is “actively engaged in shooting or attempting to kill individuals in a confined and populated location.” Typically, these occurrences include using guns on predetermined targets or victims. Active shooter situations frequently end in 10-15 minutes (and occasionally before law enforcement arrives), so it’s critical to know what to do in case the unimaginable occurs.


ROI Safety Services offers active shooter training in Santa Ana, CA, so you know what to do in case you find yourself in this terrifying situation.

Active Shooter Training in Santa Ana, CA

Any department, club, or group of employees can request active shooter training. The following can be included in any combination of training, which can be timed or content-specific to meet the demands of the audience:

  • Active shooter case studies
  • Informational presentation
  • Barricading demos
  • Classroom and office safety walk-through

Active Shooter Preparedness Plan

Your action plan outlines the procedures your employees must take in the event of an active shooter situation and contains emergency contact information.

When creating your plan, be sure to do the following:

  • Talk about how to inform staff members about an incident. Will you send a text, an all-call phone alert, or a code word over the public address system?
  • Gather the phone numbers and contact names of hospitals, emergency responders, buildings, and management. 
  • Get supplies, including first aid kits, employee rosters, evacuation floor maps, flashlights, and communication devices.


Once you have the plan in place, you need to:

  • Train your staff members on what to do when they hear gunshots.
  • Form a written emergency action plan.
  • Review your drill results and make any necessary modifications to your training and plan.
  • Run a drill to prepare for an active shooter situation. Implement your emergency action plan and gather at the specified meeting location to determine who may still be inside the building.


Does all of this sound overwhelming? Don’t panic! ROI Safety Services is here to ensure you are fully prepared no matter the situation! Contact us today if you need help developing your preparedness plan. 

Being Prepared Saves Lives!

You need to determine the most practical means of defending your own life as soon as an active shooter situation arises. Clients and customers in the building with you are more likely to take your lead, the lead of other managers, or the lead of your workers. You generally have three options:

  • Leave the building 
  • Hide from the shooter
  • Defend yourself against the shooter

Knowing which of these options to go for is a challenging decision to make. This is why it’s crucial to attend training. We’ll help you identify the various signs to determine the most appropriate way to respond. 

Put Safety Worse

Having to deal with an active shooter situation is not something anyone wants to deal with. However, being prepared is always advisable in case the unthinkable happens. Attending active shooter training in Santa Ana, CA, will also put your mind at ease as you know you are prepared for any and every situation. Contact ROI Safety Services today at (714) 520-1608 to ensure that you put safety first