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Active shootings are becoming more common in Los Angeles, and preparing yourself for anything coming your way is essential. 

You have a limited time in this kind of emergency situation involving an active shooter. Make the wrong decision, and it could cost you your life. At ROI Safety Services, our goal with this type of training is to ensure that anyone who finds themselves in this type of situation knows what to do.

What Is an Active Shooting?

Active shooting is a type of mass murder where a killer or active shooter targets a group of people, often at random. These shootings are usually followed by suicides and occur at schools, workplaces, retail stores, and other places.

An active shooter typically doesn’t have a strategy or shooting routine. His shooting rampage is generally motivated by fury, and he will attack anyone nearby.

The fact that an active shooter typically kills before the police arrive on the scene is one of the reasons why these incidents are often so devastating. Because of this, having a disaster response plan of action is crucial.

These situations can be hazardous; if someone says or does the wrong thing, they could be the next victim.

How Can Active Shooter Training Help?

Prevention is always better than finding a cure, and the same holds true in cases of active shootings. Empowering your team members, friends, and family with the right information can help them identify potential risk factors and arm them with skills to mitigate them when the opportunity arises.

It will also help you understand these situations and learn to remain calm. You will also learn essential techniques on how to behave when law enforcement arrives on the scene.

Who Is This Training for?

Everyone can benefit from this type of training! Whether you are a college student, worker, or teacher, receiving active shooting training can help you to know how to respond in the face of danger.

We highly recommend this training for working professionals in all industries, as active shooting incidents typically occur randomly. To learn more about our training, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Active Shooting Training

Active Shooting Facts and Statistics

According to OSHA, 2 million employees face violence in the workplace every year.

Most employees haven’t heard about active shooting educational programs, even though they exist to help them prepare for these situations.

Active shootings are becoming more prevalent in the Us, with Texas and California accounting for almost 19 percent of all injuries caused by workplace violence.

Homicides account for about 10 percent of occupational fatalities.

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