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Workplace Violence:
Active Shooter Incidents on the Rise in California
Are You & Your Staff Prepared?

Everyone in your company can benefit from onsite training.

We come to your facility and train you and your staff. If you don’t have an Active Shooter Safety Training program, we’ll help you develop it and get it understood by all.  There’s nothing more important than knowing you and your employees will go home to their family safely each and every day.

  • Active Shooter Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • How to Respond When There’s an Active Shooter in Your Workplace
  • What to do When Law Enforcement Arrives
  • Recognizing Signs of Potential Workplace Violence

Make Sure . . .

  • you know the signs.
  • your staff knows the signs.
  • you and your staff know what to do if ever an active shooter appears in your facility.

Workplace Violence Statistics:

  • 19% of most workplace violence injuries occurred in California and Texas.
    Employee lawsuits against employers are on the rise in California. One key factor in these suits is employer negligence.
  • Many employees don’t know or haven’t been made aware of any Active Shooter Emergency Preparedness Training programs.
  • 10% of all workplace fatalities are due to homicides.
  • OSHA reports that approximately two million people each year report some type of workplace violence.

Emergency Preparedness isn't just for the office. You can take this knowledge anywhere you go.

The active shooter program at ROI Safety Services is not just military or police training. It is meant for the everday office employee, movie-goer, or management team of any kind. Everyone benefits from more people being prepared for an emergency such as an active shooter. Sign up today and gain crucial survival tactics.