Free Webinar: What you need to know for annual stormwater compliance


June 28, 2022
8:00 am to 8:30 am PST

The California Stormwater Annual Reports are due on July 15, 2022. If your business is required to maintain a stormwater pollution prevention plan and haven’t submitted yet, we will give you the short list of items you need to submit to stay compliant and answer any pressing questions you have. Jessee McClellan has helped numerous companies stay compliant and submit their documentation on time.


The California Water Boards have been focused for more than 20 years in the area of storm water quality management and regulation. The State and Regional Water Boards continue to strive to ensure that surface and ground water resources are protected and managed in a sustainable manner for future generations. Recent state legislation and increased awareness
of storm water-related environmental challenges and opportunities have contributed to continuously-changing innovative approaches to storm water management and regulation. In 2016, the State Water Board adopted its Storm Water Strategy to further develop innovative regulatory and management approaches to maximize opportunities to use storm water as a

The State Water Board manages an online database to allow permittees to electronically submit permit compliance data, and allows the public to view reports and information on water quality control efforts with storm water. The online SMARTS database is located at the following website: At ROI Safety Services we work with you to create a program to stay compliant and submit your documentation appropriately.


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